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Leon W. Couch III

Music Theorist and Analyst

"This resource is well worth its price of $25 . . . It is highly recommended" Review by Arthur Lawrence in The American Organist
"Dr. Couch convincingly uses rhetorical analysis to interpret ..." Review by Arthur Lawrence in The American Organist
Leon W. Couch III presents lectures and lecture-recitals throughout the United States and internationally. As a scholar, Dr. Couch concentrates on pragmatic applications of contemporary and historical music theories to keyboard performance. Numerous grants for his scholarship, performances, teaching, and public service have resulted in articles, pedagogy software, and an acclaimed 3-CD educational resource entitled Playing Buxtehude's Works Rhetorically published by the American Guild of Organists. Recent projects include rhythmic analyses (Schenker) of Baroque organ works and musical-rhetorical interpretations of seventeenth-century German music. Dr. Couch also supervises student research projects under state and national grants. Dr. Couch earned a Ph.D. in Music Theory from the University of Cincinnatiís College-Conservatory of Music. His undergraduate degrees in physics, mathematics, and music are from the University of Florida. His main scholarly mentors include Frank Samarotto (Schenker), Severine Neff (Schoenberg), and Edward Nowacki (History of Theory).

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