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Detailed analyses of a musical composition, using historical and contemporary analytic techniques, provides insight into different performance interpretations. Through a combination of score study, individual practice, Schenkerian theory, treatises, and highly-acclaimed sound recordings, we will each investigate different performance techniques of each selected composition. The advancements in Schenkerian theory will give us greater understanding of the scope of the piece in its form and function, and the context provided by historical analysis and documents will bring us to a greater knowledge of how the piece would have been performed and heard in its day. Through the use of professional recordings, we can evaluate the performance techniques of other artists in the field to aid our theoretical investigation. By refining our analytical skills and learning advanced theories, we will be able to enhance our own personal performance styles and more fully understand the intentions of the composer. Thus, this project will help us apply our theoretical discoveries to our own personal interpretations necessary for performance.

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Sarah Renaud, Erik Sherburne, and Scott Pauli
Sara M. Renaud, from Onalaska, Wisconsin, is a Senior this fall at Luther College and is completing a double major in mathematics and music. She plays the piano, accompanies vocalists, choirs, and instrumentalists, plays for church services on campus, teaches piano, and takes private lessons with Dr. John Strauss. She has enjoyed music theory and plans on continuing her theory education throughout graduate school. She will also continue her piano studies in graduate school with the aspiration of teaching both piano and theory to college students.

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Sarah Renaud, Erik Sherburne, and Scott Pauli at work in Olin 303

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